Unwind Salt Scrubs

Hand Crafted

Salt Scrubs increase circulation and neutralize acid in the muscles

Made with all organic ingredients


Unwind Nerves

Unwind Nerves is created with essential oils that are claming and beneficial for the nervous system. It has a sweet earthy scent.

Ingredients include: Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil* & Essential oil Blend of Vetiver*, Palmarosa*, Ylang Ylang*, Lavender*, and Bergamot*.



Unwind Muscles

Unwind Muscles is cooling and has a minty scent. This blend is soothing to sore muscles.

Ingriedients include: Sea Salt Sunflower oil*, Coconut Oil* & Essential Oil Blend of Rosemary*, Marjoram*, Peppermint*, and Lavender*.



Unwind Spirit

Unwind Spirit has a uplifting citrus scent and is beneficial for moving the lymphatic system.

Ingredients Include: Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, and Grapefruit Essential Oil*